Thursday, September 01, 2005

Aaltoska orkaniseeraa

Aaltoska i sitt ässe / [Mrs. Aaltonen Organizes]. FI 1949. PC: Suomen Filmiteollisuus. P: T.J. Särkkä. D: Edvin Laine. Assistant D: Matti Kassila. SC: Topias. DP: Osmo Harkimo. AD: Aarre Koivisto. M: Heikki Aaltoila. S: Taisto Lindegren. ED: Armas Vallasvuo. Starring: Elna Hellman (Aaltoska), Veli-Matti Kaitala (Jukka Lehtinen), Hannes Häyrinen (crime reporter Lipponen), Kalle Viherpuu (the janitor Aaltonen), Ritva-Leena (Kaarina Hillevi Mäenpää), Pikku-Annika (Irmeli Lehtinen). 70'. A brilliant safety print viewed at Orion, Helsinki, 31 Aug 2005. The producer Särkkä brought his both child stars, Veli-Matti and Little Annika, together in a run-of-the-mill film with surefire ingredients. There is even a theme song, which is sung by Mrs. Aaltonen before the credits and continued by Mr. Aaltonen in the end. The tyrannical janitor's wife reigns in the courtyard, the janitor hardly daring to emerge from the boiler room. It is the era of heavy regulation of rented apartments, and there is an obligation to make spare rooms available for tenants. It is also the era of lots of children and divided households. Veli-Matti is already a clerk at a gas station, and Little Annika gets to deal with the bureaucracy of the apartment regulation. They get lucky with two child tenants who come to school to Helsinki from Nurmijärvi. There is a zealous crime reporter (Hannes Häyrinen) on the trail of shady underground activity. In the end it is revealed that the underground gang is that of "black tenants" with no crime involved. The SF experts, the cinematographer Osmo Harkimo, the art director Aarre Koivisto, conjure expert imagery, and there are some exciting documentary views of contemporary life. But it's a trivial film.

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