Friday, October 10, 2008

Brighton Sea-Going Electric Car

BRIGHTON POST-SCRIPTUM 1897-2008 (this film was actually shown as the first of the Brighton 30 Years After programme)
GB 1897. P+D: George Albert Smith. Print: Filmoteca de Catalunya (Barcelona), preserved, digitally restored, and printed in 2008, from an original nitrate print. 45 ft /16 fps/ 0'45"
Josep Calle, Rose Cardona: "In his fundamental work The Beginnings of the Cinema in England, the historian John Barnes lists 31 films made by George Albert Smith during the year 1897. Among them are two views of the Pioneer maritime railway, popularly known as Daddy Longlegs, which travelled between Brighton and Rottingdean by sea, a few metres from the coast. This singular train, of which until now no moving images had been conserved, was the creation of Magnus Volk and represented an important advance in railway infrastructure in England. (...) " - Josep Calle, Rose Cardona

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