Thursday, October 30, 2008


Nonstop / Nonstop. FI (c) 1987 Filmitakomo. P: Klaus Heydemann. D+SC: Kari Paljakka. DP: Tahvo Hirvonen - 16mm - b&w. COST: Jaana Mertama. M: Jussi Hirvi; Hanoi Rocks. S: Markku Honkanen. ED: Alvardo Pardo. Cast: Esko Nikkari (man), Armi Sillanpää (woman), Carl-Kristian Rundman (young man), Jane Sarlund (girl), Mikko Rasila (ticketseller woman), Niko Saarela (boy), Vesa Vierikko (bum), Pertti Sveholm (father). 20 min. Print: SES, with English subtitles, viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 29 Oct 2008. - In the presence of Kari Paljakka interviewed by Markku Varjola. - Print ok, focus problem in the screening. - KP: the film was inspired by M.C. Escher [1898-1972] with his impossible play with the dimensions. The idea was to use the third dimension of the cinema, time, in the same way. The film is based on the rondo idea. Together with Dildo, the film was planned to be a part of the trilogy, but the third film was not made. There was also an inspiration of the anamorphic art of the 17th century (not the same thing as anamorphic cinema image). - A never-ending film which returns to the same moments but with different consequences. A parody of film drama with passion and murder. One of the locations is Cinema Takaportti [Back Door], where soft core films were shown, presumably non stop (the current film seems to be Emmanuelle 5). The story spins in an impossible circle. "Where are you going, wife dear". "Day screening again". "This will hardly ever stop". "Non stop". "Back in a moment".

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