Thursday, October 02, 2008

Reppuselkäinen mies ja laiha hevonen

[En man med en ryggsäck och en mager häst]/ A Man With a Rucksack and a Skinny Horse. FI (c) 1979 TTK / ETV. D+SC: Tapani Lundgren - based on the short story by Pentti Haanpää. DP: Raimo Paananen - b&w - 1:1,66. Starring Eero Tuomikoski (the man with the rucksack). 11 min. A digibeta projection in Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 1 October 2008. - The man with the rucksack sees a mistreated skinny horse, buys it with almost all the money he has, takes his Nagan and puts a bullet through the horse's head to save it from its misery.

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