Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Saved from Himself

US 1911. PC: Biograph. D: D.W. Griffith; cast: Joseph Graybill, Mabel Normand, Charles Hill Mailes, William J. Butler; Betacam SP (transfer from 8mm acetate print, 16 fps), 16', print source: Andreas Benz Collection, Neckarsulm. Original in English with e-subtitles in Italian, grand piano: Andreas Benz. Viewed at Le Giornate del Cinema Muto, Pordenone, Ridotto del Verdi, 7 October 2008. - Charlie Keil: "A young hotel clerk engaged to be married invests his life’s savings in the stock market. When the stocks’ value begins to drop, his broker alerts him that it is essential he send another $2,000 in order to prevent a total loss. The temptation offered by a large amount of money deposited at the hotel for safekeeping almost proves too much, but the man is prevented from incriminating himself by his fiancée’s influence." – Charlie Keil [DWG Project # 379]. - AA: the Killiam /Blackhawk version with their introduction. Woman prevents man from crime, last minute rescue, man and flower in final image. Good to see Normand in a straight, non-comic role.

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