Thursday, November 20, 2008


Nakke Nakuttajan seikkailuja 3 / Hacke Hackspätt på äventyr 3
Original copyright: Universal. PC: Walter Lantz Productions. P: Walter Lantz. Technicolor. Special aspect ratio 1:1,2. Voice Talent: Grace Stafford (Woody), Mel Blanc (Woody's ha-ha-ha-HAA-ha laughter). Duration à ca 6 min
Half Empty Saddles. US 1958. D: Paul J. Smith. Absurd Western parody.
Watch the Birdie. USA 1958. D: Alex Lowy. Woody drives a bird-watcher crazy.
Billion-Dollar Boner. US 1959. D: Alex Lowy. Woody harasses a pompous guy who believes himself a billionaire having received a big rubber check.
Heap Big Hepcat. US 1960. D: Paul J. Smith. A softie Hollywood Indian has to prove himself a true brave, but meets Woody.
Kiddie League. US 1959. D: Paul J. Smith. Baseball parody
Romp in a Swamp. US 1959. D: Paul J. Smith. Freerider Woody flies with the geese, gets into fight with a hunter-alligator
Woodpecker in the Moon. US 1959. D: Alex Lowy
Fowled up Falcon. US 1960. D: Paul J. Smith
How to Stuff a Woodpecker. US 1960. D: Paul J. Smith
Ozark Lark. US 1960. D: Paul J. Smith. A violent Kentucky feud (McCoys vs. Martins) parody.
Total duration 59 min. Vintage prints viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 20 Nov 2008. - The colour is brilliant and intact. - I'm puzzled by the obsession with violence, being more a Disney / Miler guy.

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