Thursday, December 04, 2008

Nära livet (D-Cinema)

Elämän kynnyksellä / So Close to Life. SE 1958. PC: Nordisk Tonefilm. D: Ingmar Bergman. SC: Ulla Isaksson - from her short stories. DP: Max Wilén. Starring: Eva Dahlbeck (Stina Andersson), Ingrid Thulin (Cecilia Ellius), Bibi Andersson (Hjördis Pettersson). With: Barbro Hiort af Ornäs (Brita, nurse), Erland Josephson (Anders Ellius, Cecilia's husband), Inga Landgré (Greta Ellius, Anders' sister), Gunnar Sjöberg (Nordlander, chief physician), Max von Sydow (Harry Andersson, Stina's husband), Ann-Marie Gyllenspetz (Gran, curator). 84 min. D-Cinema released by Europe's Finest, in Finland with Bio Rex Distribution and Pirkanmaan Elokuvakeskus, with English subtitles. Viewed in Bio Rex 3, Sello, Espoo, 3 Dec 2008. - The first D-Cinema release of a classic film in Finland. - First screened in Finland on 2 and 3 Dec, 2008. - I was the only spectator in the second screening of the film that was screened without advertising. - The D-Cinema presentation was good, very close to a 35mm screening. There was a real black, the picture was ultra-sharp. Better than 16mm, better than Blu-Ray. The presentation did justice to the film. - NB: this is a film shot completely in interiors, with few people, with many medium shots and close-ups. - Last summer I saw many vintage Bergman prints, which looked like they have been struck from the negative. It would be interesting to compare a good 35mm presentation with D-Cinema of The Seventh Seal.

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