Saturday, February 21, 2009

Joensuu 1685: Crystal Light

A music video. Finland 2009. PC: Bare Bone Business. P: Asko Keränen. D+ED: Mika Taanila. DP: Mika Taanila (16mm, 8mm), Leo Taanila (8mm), Martti Jämsä (8mm). FEAT: Mikko Joensuu, Markus Joensuu, Risto Joensuu. 7'30". - The strong flicker can cause headache, malaise, or migraine. - The music video was first screened in Cinema Orion, Saturday 14 Feb 2009, but I missed it as I was in Berlin. - Viewed at home on dvd 21 Feb 2009. - A flicker video. Big water. Waterfalls. Blue. Ultra rapid cutting. Acceleration. Performance footage: hard rhythmic electric metal sound, first instrumental, then with vocals. Time lapse. Negative. Leader. Holes on film. Red colour. Yellow colour. Extreme close-ups. Fire. Flowers. Back to the waterfalls, back to big water. - Pure elementary observations.

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Jan T. said...

Good to hear from you. Was wondering where you went. Hopefully you have comments on Berlinale, they should be interesting. Flickering springtime to you.