Saturday, February 28, 2009


US 1975. PC: Thomas Bros. D+DP: Curt McDowell - b&w - 16mm. SC: George Kuchar, Mark Ellinger. M: Mark Ellinger. Starring: Marion Eaton (Ms. Gert Hammond), George Kuchar (Bing), Melinda McDowell (Sash), Mookie Blodgett (Chandler), Moira Benson (Roo), Rick Johnson (Toydy), Maggie Pyle (Willene), Ken Scudder (Bond), Pamela Primate (Medusa), Bernie Boyle (Senor Tostada), Mark Ellinger (Charlie Hammond), Virginia Giritlian (Sarah Lou Phillips). Ur-version reportedly 158 min. This print ran 120 min. Jack Stevenson, 16mm. Viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 28 Feb 2009. - Introduced by Jack Stevenson. San Francisco in the 1970s, liberated, at the height of the sexual revolution. A dialogue-driven movie with a million metaphors, impossible to prepare an introduction, I am completely at loss for words. Curt was positive, George was negative in their attitudes about sex. - It starts with a thundercrack. Fine music by Mark Ellinger. A good definition of light. Gross-out scenes. Sleaze elements. Hard-core sex scenes, both homosexual and heterosexual. A rarity: a conversation sequence with fellatio. Enter the gorilla. "People come and go, but the cucumbers must stay".

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