Sunday, May 24, 2009

Acto de apertura del 65:o Congreso de la Federación Internacional de Archivos de Films (FIAF). Celebrando los 100 años del cine Argentino

Salón Dorado-Hipólito Yrigoyen del Palacio Legislativo (Av. Julia A. Roca 575). The opening of the FIAF Congress in Buenos Aires in the banquet salon of the City Hall, 24 May 2009. - A couple of hundred film archive experts from around the world getting together. Celebrating the Centenary of Argentinian cinema two films were shown on video to charming live music on the guitar and on the flute:

La revolucion de mayo [The May Revolution] AR 1909. D: Mario Gallo. A historical tableau on the birth of independent Argentina, the first Argentinian fiction film, restored by the Argentinian film archive in 2009, Spanish intertitles, originally 25 min, the surviving excerpt at sound speed 5 min*

Buenos-Aires. FR 1924. A French travelogue restored by AFF / CNC, with French intertitles, 14 min

* On the May Revolution in Wikipedia: "On 25 May 1810, after confirmation of the rumors on the overthrow of King Ferdinand VII by Napoleon, citizens of Buenos Aires created the First Government Junta (May Revolution). Two nations emerged in what is now Argentina: the United Provinces of South America (1810) and the Liga Federal (1815). Other provinces, as a result of differences between autonomist and centralist quarters, delayed taking part in a unified State; Paraguay seceded, declaring its independence in 1811."

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Juani said...


My name is Juan Ignacio Bousquet, and i was at FIAF Congress too.

I am one of the small team that restores "Revolucion de Mayo" of Mario Gallo. The movie was restored at Cinecolor lab,

The original film was a 35mm but the restored copy was made from a 16mm proyection copy poorly preserved. This reduction copy was made by a guy called Vigevano.

The restoration process demand us about 6 months: cleaning, scanning, digital cleaning and restoring and printing.

It was a note in this web explaining the whole process in detail:

Like to read your blog, write if you want!


Juan Ignacio Bousquet