Monday, May 04, 2009

Roger Moore in Finland

Bio Bristol, 3 May 2009. I had the pleasure to host Sir Roger Moore (accompanied by Lady Kristina Moore and Mr. Gareth Owen) in sold-out Bio Bristol (seating 600) for a Q & A and to introduce a screening of For Your Eyes Only (a good print with e-subtitles in Finnish by Juha Nurminen).

I met Roger Moore (born 14 October 1927) for the first time and was amazed at his high spirits and his good condition. As he arrived at the stage, he had already been busy presenting and signing his book My Word Is My Bond for five hours without a break. Knowing him only from his film and tv performances (I remember him since he was Ivanhoe on tv) I was surprised how great he is as a live performer.

The rapport was immediate, the audience was cheering and laughing, and there was standing ovation. I had prepared a set of questions, and to all of the he had a funny story to tell, or he turned them into jokes ("I did all my stunts myself, but in the love scenes I had a stand-in"). Perhaps not all the stories were that funny, but he made them so. Roger Moore answered also several questions from the audience.

We got more than we expected: a great performer and humorist.

Roger Moore had visited Finland twice before as the UNICEF good will ambassador, but this was his most prominent visit, three days, mostly presenting his book, published in Finland by Like Kustannus.

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