Friday, May 15, 2009


FI 1986. PC: Reppufilmi. YLE TV2. P+D+SC+ commentary read by: Anssi Mänttäri. DP: Heikki Katajisto, etc. - 16mm - colour. ED: Raija Talvio, etc. LOC: Pispala (Tampere). A documentary film with: Hannu Salama (a famous writer), Timo Harakka (interviewer), Pekka Tarkka (literary critic and historian). 51 min. A 16mm Suomen Elokuvakontakti print viewed at Cinema Orion, 15 May 2009. - A fine print with colour intact. - In the presence of Anssi Mänttäri interviewed by Markku Varjola. - "We were neighbours in Pispala, frequented the Pispalan Pulteri pub. At Restaurant Kosmos, the painter Aimo Kanerva used to repeat: 'Anssi, do make a film about Hannu Salama'. Hannu Salama turned 50, he is the shyest man in the world, I had never met a man as shy as him. He was nice, and friendly, and sometimes he visited me. 'Is Anssi home? Well, maybe he wouldn't have had booze anyway.' Hannu refused to see the rough cut. When the film was finished, he saw it twice back to back. After that, he stopped drinking for half a year. 'I didn't realize I'm that terrible when I'm drunk'." - Revisited "A non-festive festive film" for the 50th anniversary of the controversial writer. The materials include
- Footage shot for the film. The interviewer is the 23-year old Mr. Timo Harakka, who had recently published the book Markiisi de Salaman vuodet [The Years of Marquis de Salama].
- Footage from Hannu Salama's blasphemy trial in 1965. He was convicted for blasphemy in the novel Juhannustanssit [Midsummer Night Dance]. This was one of the last of such trials in Finland. The legislation and the concepts of justice were liberated by the 1970s, partially thanks to Salama.
- Excerpts from Mr. Timo Hämäläinen's Kulttuuriraportti [Culture Report] tv programs, 19 Nov 1978, 29 Sep 1983
- Excerpts from Ms. Tuulikki Islander's tv program Ajassa liikkuu [Movement in Time], 25 Sep 1972
- The interviewee Mr. Pekka Tarkka is the Salama scholar number one

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