Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Second Century Forum: Film Heritage and Cultural Patrimony? Not Yet! (FIAF Congress in Buenos Aires)

Sala Leopoldo Lugones, Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires.

Introduction: "The contemporary era of the digital market is presenting film archives and museums with new challenges that bring into question their identity. A key aspect of this situation is the need to reconsider the idea of film heritage as cultural patrimony for the future. The Second Century Forum in Buenos Aires will consider three approaches to this question:

A) What can FIAF archives and museums do in this respect?
B) How can we raise awareness outside FIAF about this aspect?
C) What models can other institutions that take care of cultural patrimony offer to film archives and museums?

Paolo Cherchi Usai, David Francis, and Michael Loebenstein, in collaboration with the FIAF Programming and Access to Collections Commission will explore the issues, the strategies, and the tools necessary to find solutions. The Second Century Forum will address such topics as: the need for selection; the need for shared access criteria; the need to preserve the cinematic event; film heritage as 'unique' cultural objects; memory vs. repository; culture and market; and public and private sectors. The Second Century Forum has been designed as an open discussion with FIAF members' active participation in three consecutive workshop-like sessions devoted to SELECTION, ACCESS, and EXPERIENCE / EVENT.

Chairman: Luca Giuliani

Keynote Speakers:
- Paolo Cherchi Usai: ISSUES
- Michael Loebenstein: STRATEGIES
- David Francis: THE WAY AHEAD

1 Session: SELECTION - chair: Meg Labrum

2 Session: ACCESS - chair: Jon Wengström

3 Session: EXPERIENCE / EVENT - chair: Luca Giuliani

Conclusions and Outcomes: drafted by AA

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