Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Garrison Triangle

US 1912 D: Thomas H. Ince (?) CAST: Edgar Kellar, Ethel Grandin, Sky Eagle; PC: 101 Bison; 35mm. 220 m. 11’ a 18 fps. B&w. English intertitles From: BFINA Printed in 2007 by the BFI from two nitrate prints. Presenta John Oliver. Grand piano: Maud Nelissen. Viewed at Cinema Lumière 1, Bologna, 27 June 2009. - From John Oliver's introduction: stories of unjust accusations of cowardice were a staple of 101 Bison Westerns. The cavalry officer dishonourably discharged restores his honour, wins back his sweetheart, and saves his old regiment from Indian attack. The film was long held at BFI as two separate, unidentified films, but was identified in 2007 as being two parts of the same film. - From battered source material, signs of damage, at times barely visible. - Epic war imagery, furious visions as Jim falls from his horse. He saves the life of the officer who discharged him. Noble long shots. 11 min

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