Saturday, June 27, 2009

La visita dell’incrociatore italiano Libia a San Francisco Calif., 6-29 novembre 1921

US 1921 D: Frank Capra. Intertitles: J. J. Moro, DP: Amos Stillman; With: Admiral Ernesto Burzagli, Dorothy Valerga (Dorothy Revier); 35mm. 658 m. 32’ a 18 fps. [announced: b&w] tinted. Italian intertitles From: Cineteca di Bologna e American Film Institute. Print made from a tinted nitrate positive with Italian intertitles. - Presenta Joseph McBride, grand piano: Marco Dalpane? / [Donald Sosin? announced], earphone commentary in English, viewed at Cinema Lumière 1, Bologna, 27 June 2009. - A brilliant print, a dullish colour. - A serviceable actuality film with no personal touch. Interesting as an early proof of Capra's interest in the military (Submarine - Flight - Dirigible and the great WWII documentaries). - Capra himself visible early on.

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