Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kafka on screen

1. Nagisa Oshima's Koshikei is one of the finest Kafkaesque movies.
2. Franz Kafka, himself, was an avid moviegoer.
3. In much of the cinema, there is a Kafkaesque dimension.
4. The official Kafka film adaptations are not so essential.
5. Instead, one should look at early comedy, including aspects of Keaton and Chaplin.
6. Or the tradition of film noir and crime film from the beginning.
7. The Wrong Man by Alfred Hitchcock.
8. Certain Czech and Eastern European films.
9. The Manchurian Candidate
10. Certain classic horror films (the metamorphosis)
11. Certain Westerns, where the hunt motif borders on the absurd (Boetticher)
12. The paranoid thriller of the post-Watergate era (Pakula, Coppola)
13. John Le Carré film adaptations

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