Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tukkijoella tapahtuu / [It Happened On Log River]

Jag är timmerflottare. FI 1950. PC: Felix-Filmi. D: Brita Wrede, Felix Forsman. DP: Felix Forsman. Assistant cameraman: Henning Carlsen. M: selections from Jean Sibelius. ED: Armas Vallasvuo. CAST: Kullervo Kalske (foreman Salonen), Leo Mikander (Paavo Härmä). 35 min. A 16mm KAVA print. 37 min. - Epic dimensions in a short story of a 14 year old boy born by a log river. His home burned in the war, an orphan, evacuated, alone in the city of Kotka, harassed by other children, he escapes to the deep forests of the north, wanted by the police. He sees the rapids, the bear cubs, the reindeer. - The lumberjack canteen's hostess sees him about to steal milk. The boy stays at the camp as a lumberjack. - In Kotka, the boys play dangerous games at the woodprocessing factory, even on the rooftop. They jump to the water.

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