Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Autour de Will Day

About Will Day / Will Day ja elokuvan kehitys
1914-1924. Compilation: FR 1997. Archives Françaises du Film / Centre National de la Cinématographie. 35 mm, 603 m /20 fps/ 25 min. Titres français / English titles
Viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 3 Nov 2009 (History of the Cinema and AFF 40th Anniversary)

The Evolution of Film
GB 1924. PC: Pathé Pictorial. With: Will Day. 226 m
The Inventor of Kinematography
GB 1921. PC: Gaumont Graphic. 69 m
Whitewashing the Ceiling (extract)
GB 1914. P: Will Day. D: Joe Rosenthal. SC: Will Evans. Cast: Will Evans, Arthur Conquest
[Will Day With His Family and Pets]
[Will Day Outside His Shop at 19 Lisle Street, London W]
GB ?1914. 29 m
In a 10-minute Pathé Pictorial of the early twenties, Will Day shows off some prize items from his collection, with the cameraman achieving remarkable success in animating some of the archaic moving picture devices. Day is also seen as a bearer at the impressive 1921 funeral of his hero Wil-liam Friese-Greene; and in home movies, with his family, ca 1910, and outside his shop. Also Day's first effort as a film producer, the knockabout farce Whitewashing a Ceiling. (David Robinson, Pordenone 1997)

Revisited the wonderfully edited programme with pre-cinema treasures from the Will Day collection edited with good introduction titles.

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