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Comique et drames de la Collection Will Day

Comic Films and Dramas from the Will Day Collection / Komediaa ja draamaa Will Dayn kokoelmassa
1901-1913. Compilation: FR 1997. Archives Françaises du Film / Centre National de la Cinématographie. 35 mm, 609 m /20 fps/ 26 min. Titres français / English titles
Viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 3 Nov 2009 (History of the Cinema / AFF 40th Anniversary)

The Devil in the Studio
GB 1901. PC: Paul's Animatograph Works. D: Walter R. Booth. 33 m
How To Stop a Motor Car
GB 1902. PC: Hepworth Manufacturing Co. D: Percy Stow. Cast: Cecil Hepworth, T.C. Hepworth, Claude Whitten. 54 m
The Village Fire Brigade
GB 1907. PC: Williamson Kinematograph Co. D: James Williamson. 96 m
That Fatal Sneeze
GB 1907. PC: Hepworth Manufacturing Co. D: Lewin Fitzhamon. Cast: Thornton Harris, Gertie Potter. 75 m - the biggest laugh of the programme!
Why Girls Leave Home
US 1908. PC: Edison Manufacturing Company. Cast: Thornton Harris, Gertie Potter. 75 m
[If We Only Knew]
US ?1913. PC: American Biograph. D: attributed to Anthony Sullivan. Cast: Blanche Sweet, Henry Walthall, Dolores Costello, Harry Carey. 231 m

Will Day loved comedy and preserved Walter Booth's 1901 trick film, The Devil in the Studio, pro-duced by Robert W. Paul, and two wonderfully inventive notions from the Hepworth studio, Percy Stow's How To Stop a Motor Car (1902) and Lewin Fitzhamon's That Fatal Sneeze (1907), as well as James Williamson's delicious A Village Fire Brigade (1907). From America comes a witty Edi-son parody of a stage melodrama, Why Girls Leave Home (1909) and in a startling contrast a 1913 drama from Biograph, If We Only Knew, distinguished by Billy Bitzer's spectacularly photographic effects. (David Robinson, Pordenone 1997)

Revisited a funny and touching compilation from the Will Day collection. - In the prints sent to us, the first three films were also included in the Points de vue compilation.

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