Saturday, November 28, 2009

Design Forum Finland (exhibitions)

I visited Design Forum Finland two days after the announcement that Helsinki will be World Design Capital in 2012 (the third one after Torino in 2008 and Soul in 2010).

1. The Helsinki Design Capital showreel. A loop of design samples.
2. Hannu Kähönen - The Kaj Franck Design Prize of 2009 Exhibition. "Design today must take note of environmental issues - the requirements of sustainable design and changing needs of people and a population that is ageing. Pure materials, ecological and service design solutions will stay important issues in the future".
3. The Sami Knife Exhibition. Great new designs on the traditional big knife of the wild north of Lapland.
4. The Tunne Väri ["Feel the Colour"] Collection: the new colours of the Tikkurila paint company. - 263 new colours, each with an individual name impossible to translate, such as in the Lapponia series of translucent paints: Joiku, Pälvi, Outa, Seita, Sivakka, Kuukkeli, Ahkio, Suopunki...
5. The Design Forum Shop Christmas Collection: new gift items and toys.

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