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Points de vue sur le monde à travers la Collection Will Day

The World Seen Through the Will Day Collection / Maailman kuvia Will Dayn kokoelmassa

1897-1913. Compilation: FR 1997. Archives Françaises du Film / Centre National de la Cinématographie. 35 mm, 587 m /20 fps/ 23 min. Titres français / English titles
Viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 3 Nov 2009 (History of the Cinema / AFF 40th Anniversary)

The Prince of Wales on the Deck of the "Britannia" on the Riviera
GB 1897. D: John Tester. 16 m
Queen Victoria's State Visit to Ireland
GB 1900. 38 m
Panoramic Views on the Thames. - Panoramic Views of the Paris Exhibition
GB 1900. Cecil Hepworth. 25 m
London Prepared to Make the Coronation of Edward VII a Wonderful Spectacle
GB 1901 or 1902. 25 m
Edward VII's Delhi Durbar
GB 1902. 33 m
Memorial to Indian Prince at Bexhill
GB 1910. PC: Gaumont Graphic. 24 m
St. Martin-De-Ré. A Convoy of Convicts Departs for a French Penal Settlement.
GB 1912. PC: Pathé's Animated Gazette. 25 m
The War of the Five Nations
GB 1912. PC: Pathé's Animated Gazette. 33 m
State Visit of Their Majesties to Berlin for the Wedding of the Kaiser's Daughter
GB 1910. PC: Gaumont Graphic and others. 78 m
French Train Disaster at Melun
GB 1913. PC: Gaumont Graphic. 27 m
London Wants a Dreadnought. The Great Demonstration in Trafalgar Square
GB 1913. PC: Gaumont Graphic. 22 m
A Trip to the White Sea Fisheries
GB 1909. PC: Rosie Films. 228 m

Will Day (1873-1936) was not only the world's first and greatest collector pertaining to archaeology and beginnings of cinema, but also a pioneer collector of actual films. His collection, in 1997 restored by Archives Françaises du Film / Centre National de la Cinématographie, is seen publicly for the first time at Le Giornate Del Cinema Muto. This selection from the film collection of Will Day consists of a group of early actuality films beginning with John Tester's 1897 film of the Prince of Wales on the Royal Yacht, a 1900 montage of Queen Victoria's state visit to Dublin and Cecil Hepworth's impressive panoramas of the Thames and the Paris International Exhibition. Later films include Joseph Rosenthal's visually handsome record of A Trip to the White Sea Fisheries. (David Robinson, Pordenone 1997)

Revisited the Will Day collection of actuality films revealing the past as a foreign country. The films have been professionally edited with introductory titles.

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