Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fänrik Ståls sägner (1910)

Vänrikki Stoolin tarinat / Ensign Stål's Tales. SE 1910. PC: Svenska Biografteatern. D: Carl Engdahl. Based on the poem by J.L. Runeberg (1848 and 1860). DP: Robert Olsson. CAST: Wilgot Ohlsson  (two roles: Ensign Stål and General Sandels), Axel de la Motte (the student [alias J.L. Runeberg]), Gottfrid Hallberg (two roles: officer and doctor), Ellen Hallberg (Ann-Sofi, the daughter of the vicar), Käthie Jacobsson (two roles: Gertrud, the housekeeper of the vicar and the foster sister of the Cloud's brother), Georg Dalunde (two roles: the Cloud's brother and General von Döbeln), Ellen Ströbäck (the daughter at the croft), Ellen Wiktorin (the mother at the croft), Gotthard Jacobsson (two roles: the father at the croft and the adjutant of Sandels), Torsten Jacobsson (two roles: a private at the episode of the Daughter of the Croft and an express messenger at the Sandels episode), Carl Engdahl (parson at Pardala), Oscar Söderholm (Sven Dufva), Frida Greiff (Lotta Svärd), Idoff Bergqvist (two roles: the foster father of the Cloud's brother and a man who visit Sandels at his breakfast). 394 m /18 fps/ 20 min. Restored by Cinemateket / Svenska Filminstitutet, print at KAVA. Viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 9 Dec 2009.

Print ok, with in places good definition of light, otherwise passable, seems like a complete version with few scratches etc.

The film is a digest from a national poem of Finland, written in Swedish by J.L. Runeberg, which depicts the Finnish War (1808-1809) in which Sweden lost Finland to Russia, Finland having been a part of the Kingdom of Sweden since 1249.

The episodes based on the poem:
1. Hos den gamle fänriken / Visiting the Old Ensign
2. Minnen från flydda år / Memories from Years Gone By
3. Kriget bryter ut / The War Breaks Out
4. Björneborgarnas marsch / The March of Pori
5. Den första skärmytslingen / The First Skirmish
6. Molnets broder / The Brother of the Cloud
7. Torpflickan / The Daughter of the Croft
8. Sandels
9. Döbeln vid Juutas / Döbeln at Juutas
10. Sven Dufva
11. Sägnernas skald Johan Ludvig Runeberg / The Poet of the Tales Johan Ludvig Runeberg

Lotta Svärd has a strong presence in episode 10, Sven Dufva, keeping a stern discipline for the young soldiers. A big, awesome mama presence.

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