Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vanishing Point

Nasta laudassa / Med spiken i bottnet. US (c) 1971 20th Century Fox. D: Richard S. Sarafian. SC: Guillermo Cain – based on a story by Malcolm Hart. DP: John A. Alonzo. M: Jimmy Bowen. Tracks: You Got to Believe (Delaney Bramlett, perf. Delaney & Bonnie & Friends), I Can't Believe It (Long-branch / Pennywhistle), Super-Soul Theme and Freedom of Expression (The J.B. Pickers), Got It Together (Mike Settle, perf. Bobby Doyle), Where Do We Go from Here? (Mike Settle, perf. Jimmy Walker), Runaway Country (Doug Dillard Expedition), So Tired (Eve), Dear Jesus God and Over Me (Segarini / Bishop), Welcome to Nevada (Don Lanier & Joe Bob Barnhill, perf. Jerry Reed), Mississippi Queen (West, Laing, Pappalardi & Rea, perf. Mountain), Sweet Jesus (Red Steagal), Love Theme (Jimmy Bowen, Pete Carpenter, perf. Jimmy Bowen Orchestra), Sing Out for Jesus (Kim Carnes, perf. Big Mama Thornton), Nobody Knows (Mike Settle, perf. Kim Carnes).ED : Stefan Arnsten. S: William Edmonson, Tom Edwards, Theodore Soderberg. CAST: Barry Newman (Kowalski), Cleavon Little (Super-Soul), Dean Jagger (desert wanderer), Victoria Medlin (Vera), Paul Coslo (young cop), Bob Donner (older cop), Timothy Scott (Angel), Gilda Texter (nude motorcyclist), Delaney & Bonnie & Friends (J. Hovah's Singers). Original duration 107 min, Finnish / European version 99 min. A vintage print with Finnish / Swedish subtitles by Hellevi Reinikainen / Eirik Udd. Viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki (Tarantino Connection), 15 Dec 2009.

A vintage print with faded red colour, lots of scratches, screened at full frame (looks better at Orion that way).

One of the top road movies still looks great, enigmatic, and powerful. And with one of the great pop soundtracks ever, and with one of the great disc jockey star performances: Cleavon Little as the blind disc jockey Super Soul. - I watched just the first 40 minutes (too tired to stay longer).

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