Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rudolf Koivu - satua koko elämä?

[Rudolf Koivu - Life Is Just a Fairy-Tale?]. FI (c) 2009 Muutama Metri Ky. P+D+SC+ED: Juho Gartz. Special Advisor: Jan-Eric Nyström. AN: Laura [Pal... ?ander?]. Commentary read by: Esko Salminen. Letters read by: Lauri Tykkyläinen. Dvd. Viewed at Elävän kuvan museo, Vanha talvitie 9, Helsinki, 25 Feb 2010.

A fascinating documentary on the many-sided Finnish artist Rudolf Koivu (1890-1946), who became most famous as an illustrator of fairy-tales. Includes charming animation based on his characters, and precious footage from his favourite tryst, the Café Bronda.

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