Thursday, February 25, 2010

Too Much For One Man (exhibition)

Liikaa yhdelle miehelle: eroottisia elokuvajulisteita 80 vuoden ajalta [Too Much For One Man: Erotic Film Posters from 80 Years]. An exhibition at the Museum of the Moving Image of the National Audiovisual Archive of Finland, at Vanha talvitie 9, Helsinki. A special preview by Lauri Tykkyläinen, 25 Feb 2010.

From two Finnish sources a treasure trove of erotic film posters in their Finnish distribution versions, often enhanced with elements manually cemented. The films portrayed include Finnish films by Teuvo Tulio, nature documentaries, nudist films, sensationally misleadingly marketed art films, and actual hard core pornographic films which were before the late 1990s shown in Finland with their framing stories only, with all the action cut by the censorship. Fascinating, lurid, sleazy, and now all pretty innocuous. The verbal acrobatics of the enterprising distributors is amazing.

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