Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hjärtlinje / Heartbeats. FI (c) 2010 Pystymetsä. P: Outi Rousu. D+SC: Saara Cantell. DP: Marita Hällfors - shot with a digital RED camera - processed on 35 mm negative - colour definition by Timo Luomanen. AD: Pirjo Rossi. Cost: Sanja Kangas. Make-up: Kati Koskela. M: Sid Hille. "Liian vähän aikaa" (Erik Lindström 1959) sung for this film by Marjo Leinonen. S: Pietari Koskinen. ED: Pauliina Punkki. Cast: Anneli Sauli (Martta 78), Meri Nenonen (Meri 35), Jenni Banerjee (Emmi 26), Rosa Salomaa (Noora 14), Johanna af Schultén (Anu 39), Maryan Guuled (Fardusa 24), Leena Uotila (Leila 52), Elena Spirina (Olga 33), Tiitus Rantala (Elias 9), Sampo Sarkola (Make 30), Tommi Raitolehto (Petri 40), Yrjö Parjanne (Erkki 82). 76 min. A Nordisk release with Swedish subtitles. Viewed at Kinopalatsi 8, Helsinki, 27 March 2010.

Criss-crossing storylines in the Querschnitt tradition. Martta has a secret she'll keep from her relatives. Emmi is addicted to drugs. Anu lost the father of her daughter when he took a ferry to Stockholm. Noora will become a ballet dancer. Meri has a relationship with a married man. The Russian Olga carries her responsibility as a nurse despite racism. The Somali Fardusa is beyond being insulted by racism, and she receives Martta's family treasure, a Kalevala brooch.

Kohtaamisia is among the most highly regarded among the latest Finnish films. The visual concept is based on the hand-held camera, long takes, medium shots, a sense of being based on available light. A bit too much in the trend of reality tv, tv series, and dogma influences to my taste. I liked many of the performances. Anneli Sauli who got her film debut in 1953 and has performed the classic and modern drama repertoire in the theatre now receives her career best film role. A source of light is Maryan Guuled as Fardusa. Men are no good.

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