Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Hjälterekryten / [The Hero Recruit] FI 1955. PC: Fennada-Filmi Oy. P: Mauno Mäkelä. D+SC: Aarne Tarkas. DP: Unto Kumpulainen. AD: Kai Lappalainen. Hair: Eila Lehto. M: Tapio Ilomäki. ED: Nils Holm. S: Gösta Salminen, Tuomo Kattilakoski. CAST: Lasse Pöysti (Esko Sirola), Leo Jokela (Leo Lindblom), Jussi Jurkka (Corporal Nilsson), Tuulikki Suomela (Sirkka Sotavaara), Kai Lappalainen (Antti Ojala), Marjatta Kallio (Veera), Pentti Viljanen (senior sergeant at the equipment depot), Matti Tamminen (sergeant major), Pentti Irjala (Col. Sotavaara). 82 min. A KAVA print with Swedish subtitles viewed at Cinema Orion (Finnish Genres), Helsinki, 3 March 2010.

A vintage print with rainy scratches in the heads and the tails of the reels, but an image with a good definition of light emerges.

A military comedy from the conveyor belt of Aarne Tarkas featuring a record shop sales person (Lasse Pöysti) in love with the colonel's daughter. He has to prove he's a real man, so he is enlisted in the army where he continues writing fiction fuelled by his wild imagination. The good actors would have been worthy of better material. I did not watch this film to the end.

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