Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Son of Frankenstein

Frankensteinin poika / Frankensteins son. USA (c) 1939 Universal Pictures. P+D: Rowland V. Lee. SC: Willis Cooper. DP: George Robinson. AD: Jack Otterson (art dir.), Richard H. Reidel (art dir), Russell A. Gausman (set dec.). COST: Vera West. Make-up: Jack P. Pierce. FX: John P. Fulton. M: Frank Skinner. ED: Ted Kent. S: Bernard B. Brown. Cast: Boris Karloff (Monster), Bela Lugosi (Ygor), Basil Rathbone (Baron Wolf von Frankenstein), Lionel Atwill (Krogh). 95 min. A Universal print (Universal City) viewed at Cinema Orion (Monster Star Parade), Helsinki, 3 March 2010.

Revisited for print quality: a clean print, maybe somewhat high contrast. But the imagery of the film has high contrast anyway, with a special emphasis on the immense shadows. This is an interesting new opening in Universal's Frankenstein cycle. The son comes to the land of horror, to the land of his father. The reception at the railway station could hardly be icier. His wife at her first visit to the ancestral home does not get a happy impression. There is a sense of humour in the delivery of the excellent actors. I watched some 25 minutes.

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