Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tampere Film Festival

Tampere 40th International Short Film Festival, 10-14 March, 2010. Strong programming in the main venues, the Finnkino Plevna multiplex, Hällä, and Tullikamari. Besides short films, there are feature-length documentaries, music films, and special events.

- International Competition
- National Competition
- ¡Viva el corto! (Spain, Ibero-America, Uruguay, Gustavo Taretto, Mexodus, Terror)
- Fortress Europe
- Retrospectives: Laila Pakalnina, Mikhail Zheleznikov, Patrik Edlund, Russian Lessons
- Animation: Animé français (a grand history of the French animation), Autour de Minuit, Segundo de Chomón
- Music: Julien Temple, German Kral, Looking for Lost Tango, They Call It Acid, Finnish Music Video
- Art Faktor: Gustav Deutsch, FestArt, Sami von Ingen
- Anniversary: Opening Screening Jubilee, Rake Special, City Lights, TaFF Party Night
- Treasures from the Archive
- Media Schools: TTVO New Student Films, ELO New Student Films
- Kids: Minikino, Skidisti,
- Canon of the Short Film, Carte blanche, EFA Short Matters!, Dvoted, Trash Film Festival

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