Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Joint Technical Symposium Day Two

At the FIAF Congress at Klingenberg Kino, Oslo.

08:00 Coffee
08:30 Audio goes Video: Videographic Capturing of Audio Related Metadata with Analogue Magnetic Tapes of the Collection Oskar Sala - Nadia Wallaszkovits - A fascinating case study: Oskar Sala was a pioneer of electronic music, and he left a collection of 1200 magnetic tapes.
09:00 Audio-Visual Preservation: A Perpetual Dilemma Among Selected Philippine Academic Libraries - Christine M. Abrigo. - Preservation challenges in difficult circumstances.
09:30 Monitoring the Broadcast of Archive Content. - Frederic Dumas. - The INA signature technology.
10:00 [Programme change.] Roeland Ordelman: Audiovisual Content Exploitation. - The Dutch Pinkpop 40th Anniversary archive online.
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Scanning Technologies for Motion Picture Optical Sound Tracks - Chair: Robert Heiber - Panel: Robert Heiber, Henrik Lausen, Bernhard Besserer, Uli Ruedel. - Questions of accessing optical soundtrack negatives (OSTN) directly saving costs and time. - Restoration of optical soundtracks by digital image processing. - Real-time transfer of the OSTN via Chace Optical Sound Processor. - SoundDirect, a Laser Soundtrack Scanner.
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Supervision of the Analogue Signal Paths in Legacy Media Migration Processing Using Digital Signal Processing - Jörg Houpert. - The final transfer of physical carriers to file formats for preservation should be done without quality loss. - Three methods: 1) Single-ended error detection based on transfer error models. 2) Full automatic reference-based effor analysis using calibration media. 3) Automatic signal verification using multiple ingests of the same physical media.
14:30 Migration of Media-Based Born-Digital Audiovisual Content to Files - Chris Lacinak, David Rice, and Richard Wright. - Preservation philosophies and strategies. - Data-centric workflows and tools. High-efficiency and high-accuracy migration of born-digital, tape and disc based media. - The transition from digital videotape to digital files. - Challenging questions in translating preservation princ iples into technical practices.
15:00 Determing the Composition of Shellac Disks: Challenge or Fantasy? - Xavier Sené. - Based on the analysis of Pathé discs 1906-1919 and Gramophone / Zonophone discs, 1897-1907.
15:30 Audio Recovery and Identification of the First Norwegian Sound Recording. - John W. McBride – Lars Gaustad. - The sophisticated methods of reconstructing and identifying the first existing Norwegian sound recording from 1879 on an Edison tinfoil.
16:00 END

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