Sunday, June 27, 2010

Albert Capellani 1: Director of Stars. Autour de Notre-Dame de Paris

16.15 Cinema Lumière - Sala Officinema/Mastroianni, Bologna, 27 June 2010.
Albert Capellani 1: Regista di vedettes. Autour de Notre-Dame de Paris

DANS L'HELLADE (Francia/1909) R.: Charles Decroix. Int: Stacia Napierkowska. 120 m /16 fps/ 7 min. No intertitles. B&w and pochoir. From: Cineteca di Bologna (digitally restored by L'Immagine Ritrovata, 2010). - A beautiful, visionary dance film. The wind, the movement. The colour is subdued, the movement is natural.
LE PAIN DES PETITS OISEAUX (Francia/1911) R.: Albert Capellani. Int: Stacia Napierkowska. 240 m /16 fps/ 13 min. From: La Cinémathèque francaise (restored 2010). - A brilliant and beautiful print. - The man who fed the birds gets to protect a starving girl. Inspired by his wife, the girl becomes a world class dance star. In the conclusion, it is her turn to save the starving old man from the park bench.
LA FILLE DU SONNEUR (Francia/1906) R.: Albert Capellani. Int: Gabriel Moreau, Renée Coge. 197 m /16 fps/ 11 min. From: Lobster Films. - A print from a deteriorating source, can still be watched. - The young husband loses all in the gambling table, the heart-broken wife abandons their baby to her father, dix ans après: the father forgives her daughter, now reduced to a beggar.
NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS (Francia/1911) R.: Albert Capellani Int: Stacia Napierkowska. 735 m /18 fps/ 35 min. From: AFF / CNC. - Print quality: there are some brilliant passages. - A digest of highlights from Victor Hugo's epic historical romance, the main movement being how the encounter with Esmeralda's kindness changes Quasimodo's soul.
CLÉOPÂTRE (Francia/1910) R.: Ferdinand Zecca, Henry Andréani. Int: Madeleine Roch. [16 min announced] /16 fps/ 28 min. AFF / CNC (restored from a safety positive and an intermediate). - The original visual beauty can be sensed in this print produced from a tinted and toned source - A digest of some highlights from the Cleopatra story after the death of Julius Caesar: the fights of Marcus Antonius and Octavianus. The battle scenes are not impressive but the splendour of Cleopatra's court is. Stacia Napierkowska plays the messenger poisoned by Cleopatra, and we see her over-the-top dance of death.

Presenta Mariann Lewinsky
Accompagnamento al piano di Maud Nelissen

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