Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cento anni fà: I colori del 1910: Colorando realtà e fantasia

16.00 Cinema Arlecchino, Bologna, 30 June 2010
I colori del 1910 Colorando realtà e fantasia / The Colours of 1910: Colouring Reality and Fantasy

COIFFURES ET TYPES DE HOLLANDE (Francia/1910). Prod.: Pathé. From: Cineteca di Bologna (2010). - Beautiful pochoir colour.
DIDONE ABBANDONATA (Italia/1910) PC: Ambrosio. R.: Luigi Maggi. From: Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Cineteca di Bologna (2010). - Incomplete. - Historical epic of the classical age after the war against Troy: Dido the queen of Carthage falls in love with Aeneas. - In histrionic style.
FABRICATION DE L'ACIER (Francia/1910) Prod.: Gaumont. - From: Lobster. - A documentary on a steel mill. The red glow is powerful.
[deleted from the show: THE COMET ([USA/GB]/1910)]
LA RÉCOLTE DU RIZ AU JAPON (Francia/1910). Prod.: Pathé. From: Eye Film Institute (Amsterdam). - A refined documentary with sophisticated stencil colour.

L'apice del pochoir: drammi italiani 1912-1914 dal National Film Center Tokyo / The Peak of Pochoir Stencil Colour: Italian Drama 1912-1914 from the National Film Center (Tokyo)
LA FIGLIA DEL CIECO (Italia/1912) R.: Ugo Falena. - The powerful colour leads the narrative.
IL RE FANTASMA / A King in Name Only (Italia/1914) R.: Ugo Falena. 650 m /18 fps/ 31 min. - The story about the Kingdom of Nirvania has an affinity with Kagemusha. - The colour is so strong that even this half-an-hour drama feels colour-driven.

La bellezza della rovina: I colori della decomposizione / New Colours: Post-Production by Decay
LA LÉGENDE DU FANTÔME (Francia/1908) R.: Segundo de Chomon. Pochoir. From: Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv. - The programme note: "The colour effects of decomposition make the images even more fantastic. Julienne Matthieu experiences a dance of death, pays a visit to hell, and brings a black pearl from the bottom of the sea. A bonus: a salamander ballet." - True enough, due to decomposition this film has become an unintentional psychedelic experience.

Presenta Mariann Lewinsky
Accompagnamento al piano di Antonio Coppola

Another case of great inspiration in early cinema programming.

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