Monday, June 28, 2010

Le grand amour (2010 restoration)

17.45 Cinema Arlecchino, Bologna, 28 June 2010.
LE GRAND AMOUR / Hassu haaveilija
FR 1969. D: Pierre Étaix. 87'. V. francese con sottotitoli inglesi, italiani.
[Pierre Etaix not present.]

Pierre Etaix's fourth feature film and first colour film. The original materials have been damaged, and now the film has been photochemically and digitally restored. - The print is not bad but with a slightly digital look, the colour a bit off, and with a sense of not seeing the full fine detail of the image.

I had never seen Le grand amour before. I watched half an hour and would have liked to see the film to the end, but I had already seen five programmes today and could not digest more.

The first half an hour starts at the wedding ceremony at the church. There are funny observations of the members of the wedding ceremony during a long tracking shot from the altar to the entrance at the back of the church. During the ceremony the fiancé sees his romantic life and courtship as flashbacks. With his fiancée he also marries the family business, a tannery, and has to give up his dreams of becoming a musician.

I hope the see the whole film one day, as it seems to be a witty and original comedy.

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