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Cento anni fà: 1910: Programme 8: Upper Reaches, Lower Depths, Part I: Town-Country / Rich-Poor, Part II: La Valse Apache (In Honour of Afgrunden), Part III: Farewell 1910

10.00 Cinema Lumière - Sala Officinema/Mastroianni, Bologna 3 July 2010
Cento anni fà 1910: Programma 8: Voi su, voi giù, I: Città-campagna / poveri-ricchi, II: La Valse Apache (in onore di Afgrunden), III: Addio 1910 - the order of the films had been changed to:

I Città-campagna / poveri-ricchi
Max hypnotisé. FR 1910. From: BFINA, Deutsche Zwischentitel. Good print. Funny Max Linder comedy of master and servant switching places (qf. The Servant), the servant hypnotizing Max.
EXCURSION DANS LES ABRUZZI / Ein Ausflug in die Abruzzen (Francia/1910) Prod.: Eclipse. From: BFINA (Joye Collection). 104 m /16 fps/ 6 min. Tinted. Ok print. Solid non-fiction.
MATER DOLOROSA (Francia/1910) PC: Gaumont. R.: Louis Feuillade. 179 m /16 fps/ 10 min. From: Eye Film Institute (Amsterdam). Dutch intertitles. Good print, slightly high contrast. Drama: a rich couple wants to buy a child. Deeply felt. Theme: money can't buy love.
* COMMENT LES PAUVRES MANGENT À PARIS / Wie die Armen in Paris essen (Francia/1910) Prod.: Pathé. 84 m /16 fps/ 5 min. From: BFINA. From a slightly worn source. Fine quality of cinematography. Part fiction, part non-fiction. A dignified, reverent look at poverty, with fascinating footage on phenomena like the Arlequins (the top restaurants' surplus portions offered to the poor). The best film in this programme.
BÉBÉ VEUT IMITER ST. MARTIN / Fritzchen spielt Schutzpatron (Francia/1911) PC: Gaumont. R.: Louis Feuillade, starring René Dary as Bébé. 145 m /18 fps/ 7 min. From: BFINA. Two tramps, an old one and a young one (qf. The Kid). The poor kid meets a rich kid, who splits his overcoat in half, to share it with the poor kid.

II Valse Apache. Because Afgrunden was not shown, there were three other films featuring the gaucho dance.
BÉBÉ APACHE / Fritzhen schwört (Francia/1910) R.: Louis Feuillade. 159 m /16 fps/ 8 min. From: BFINA. Ok print. Funny parody of crime fiction: little Bébé and Lili infiltrate the underworld by performing an apache dance.
[LA VALSE CHALOUPÉE] extract from L'Empreinte (Francia/1908) PC: Le Film d'Art. R.: Paul Henry Bourguet, starring Mistinguett and Max Dearly. 38 m /16 fps/ 2 min. From: Cineteca di Bologna. - A wild and passionately erotic waltz number.
LA TOURNÉE DES GRAND DUCS ["Making a tour of the restaurants"] (Francia/1910) PC: S.C.A.G.L. / S.A.P.F. R.: Yves Mirande. 178 m /16 fps/ 10 min. From: La Cinémathèque francaise (1998). - A fine definition of light, slightly soft. - A funny parody of the bourgeoisie visiting a staged display of the Paris underworld with les apaches and les gigolettes.

III Addio 1910
[not shown: LÉONTINE EST INCORRIGIBLE (Francia/1910) Prod.: Pathé]
SANTA LUCIA (Italia/1910). PC: Ambrosio. Loc: Venice. 97 m /16 fps/ 5 min. Dutch intertitles. From: Cineteca di Bologna. - Sepia toned, long pan with the camera in a gondola, with a three-fold image. - Pictorial beauty in a vision of la belle époque.

Presenta Mariann Lewinsky
Accompagnamento al piano di Donald Sosin

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