Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jacques Tati - the Funny Postman (exhibition at the Helsinki Post Museum)

Jacques Tati - lystikäs kirjeenkantaja. Exhibition at the Post Museum (Helsinki) 26 Aug - 24 Oct 2010.
Partners: Les Films de Mon Oncle (Philippe Gigot & Macha Makeïeff), KAVA, Centre Culturel Français, Ministry of Education and Culture, Vittorio Giannini, Pieni Polkupyörämuseo.

Jacques Tati is the theme of our second main retrospective at the Helsinki Festival, and a charming exhibition was opened in collaboration with Les Films de Mon Oncle. Rare photographs, documents, and artefacts from the Tati family collection are supplemented by further objects from Finnish sources (posters, cameras and projectors relevant to Tati).

The focus is on Tati's first feature film, Jour de fête, whose Finnish title is Lystikäs kirjeenkantaja (The Funny Postman). That film screens as a dvd projection in the exhibition. On display is also the short film L'Ecole des facteurs, which was a draft to Jour de fête, yet with some unique ideas that were not developed in the feature film.

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