Saturday, September 18, 2010


US 2009. PC: Parker Film Company, Luber Roklin Entertainment, Bossa Nova Productions. P: Catherine DiNapoli, Matt Luber, Andreas Olavarria. D: Jonathan Parker. SC: Catherine DiNapoli, Jonathan Parker. WITH: Adam Goldberg (Adrian Jacobs), Marley Shelton (Madeleine Gray), Eion Bailey (Josh Jacobs). 96 min. A NonStop Entertainment / Parker Film Company print viewed at Helsinki Film Festival, Maxim 1, 18 Sep 2010

In the presence of Catherine DiNapoli.

A witty satire on the art world of today. The New York gallerist (Marley Shelton) has a passion for creativity but also an understanding for what sells. The modern composer (Adam Goldberg) has creativity, the abstract painter (Eion Bailey) is a great seller... for the offices of doctors and lawyers. An artist's value grows as soon as he is dead. Collectors keep their valuable artworks in storage. A lot of fun from Jonathan Parker and Catherine DiNapoli who clearly love art.

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