Thursday, October 21, 2010


Auringon puolella. US 1919. D: Charles Chaplin. Chaplin's music version (c) 1974 Roy Export. Music associates Eric James, Eric Rogers. 30 min. Viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 21 Oct 2010. Considered as one of C's least successful films Sunnyside is fascinating anyway. Chaplin is a farmhand in love with Edna. C. rides a bull, is thrown by the bull into the gutter, and the dream sequence is C's hommage to Ballets Russes. Includes one of C's most heartbreaking scenes of losing his beloved to the rival. Edna's look as she sees C's unravelled trouser leg (due to a prank by the kids). The film has a multiple ending: first an apparent suicide, then a happy end.

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