Saturday, October 23, 2010

Susanna Välimäki: Miten sota soi? Sotaelokuva, ääni ja musiikki (a book)

[How the War Sounds? War Movies, Sound and Music]. Tampere: Tampere University Press 2008. - Dr. Susanna Välimäki gave me her book a week ago at the Cinema and Psyche symposium, and I finished reading it in the train from Tampere to Helsinki, having visited the new Pirkkala Library together with my mother. - Välimäki focuses on six war films: Tuntematon sotilas / The Unknown Soldier (1955), Tuntematon sotilas / The Unknown Soldier (1985), Das Boot (1981), Cross of Iron (1976), Idi i smotri / Come and See (1985), and The Thin Red Line (1998). - The book is profound, and Välimäki does an excellent job in arguing how central the role of the sound and the music in a film can be. Having read this first-rate book, I feel I'd like to see these films again and focus more on listening to them.

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