Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aki Kaurismäki Seminar: Improvisations on Nikander's Nose

Arranged by the Risto Jarva Society. Docents: Lauri Timonen and Eero Tammi. Seminar at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 13 Nov 2010.

In the context of our Aki Kaurismäki retrospective the Risto Jarva Society arranged this seminar. Aki Kaurismäki, presently sound-mixing Le Havre, destined for a premiere in March 2011, had forwarded to us this special message: "The necessity of self-expression does not justify the disgracing of an art form".

Lauri and Eero's improvisations were linked to video excerpts:
Calamari Union - the Cinema Orion sequence
La Porte des Lilas - the bar sequence
The Blues Brothers - meeting Carrie Fisher
The Taxi Driver - the movie date with Cybill Shepherd
Varjoja paratiisissa / Shadows in Paradise - the bingo date
a quote from Luis Buñuel's "Variations on Adolphe Menjou's Moustache"
Casque d'or - Manda kills the traitor
Bab el hadid / Gare centrale
Le Jour se lève
Varjoja paratiisissa - the violent Nikander
Rakkauden risti / The Cross of Love - Regina on the cross
Casablanca - "I met a man once"
City Lights - the finale
Rio Bravo - "purple light"

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