Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Run of the Arrow

Viimeinen laukaus / Det sista skottet. US © 1957 RKO Teleradio Pictures, Inc. PC: Globe Enterprises. P+D+SC: Samuel Fuller. DP (Technicolor): Joseph Biroc. M: Victor Young. ED: Gene Fowler, Jr. S: Virgil Smith, Terry Kellum. AD: Albert D'Agostino, Jack Okey. Make-up: Harry Maret, Jr. Cast: Rod Steiger (O'Meara), Sarita Montiel (Yellow Moccasin), Brian Keith (Captain Clark), Ralph Meeker (Ltn. Driscoll), Jay C. Flippen (Walking Coyote), Charles Bronson (Blue Buffalo), Olive Carey (Mrs. O'Meara), H.M. Wynant (Crazy Wolf), Neyle Morrow (Ltn. Stockwell), Frank de Kova (Red Cloud). Sarita Montiel post-synched by Angie Dickinson. 86 min. A vintage Technicolor print viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 16 Nov 2010. - Revisited the beginning of Samuel Fuller's remarkable western which can be seen as a model for Dances With Wolves. Fuller's film is more brutal and honest. Finally it becomes clear that a grown-up white man cannot become a Sioux. Yellow Moccasin has realized that from the start. Fuller's theme in some of his best films is also the same as in Avatar: the protagonist goes to the side of the enemy. He becomes the other or at least attempts to do so. The Technicolor had not faded in this used vintage print.

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