Friday, February 04, 2011

Leikkipuisto / Playground

[Lekplatsen]. FI 2010. PC: For Real Productions Ltd. P: Cilla Werning. D: Susanna Helke. SC: Susanna Helke, Jan Ijäs. DP: Heikki Färm. M: Sanna Salmenkallio. ED: Susanna Helke, Jerem Tonteri. S: Vesa Meriläinen, Pelle Venetjoki. 30 min. Introduced by Susanna Helke. A digibeta from For Real Productions viewed at Cinema Orion (Nordic Cinema), Helsinki, 4 Feb 2011

A gang of twentysomething guys who have known each other since childhood meet in the evening on an empty playground in the Helsinki suburb of Malmi next to the railway. A story of "global diaspora": they are all from refugee families: from Kosovo and Somalia, boat people from Vietnam and Cambodia, "the united colours of Malmi". They represent the three, four great world religions. The range of their topics is from eating pig to cosmic matters. They speak Finnish. Susanne Helke has won their confidence. The implications are amazing.

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