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ΩCEANS [title on screen] / Oceans / Oceans. FR/CH/ES 2010 © 2009 Galatée Films / Pathé / France 2 Cinéma / France 3 Cinéma / Notro Films / JMH-TSR. EX: Jake Eberts, Don Hahn. P: Nicolas Mauvernay, Jacques Perrin. D: Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud. SC: Christophe Cheysson etc. DP: Simon Christidis, Luc Drion, Laurent Fleutot, Philippe Ros, Luciano Tovoli [13 DP's credited on screen]. S: Jérôme Wiciak. ED: Catherine Mauchain, Vincent Schmidt. 104 min

Technical specification (IMDb): Camera: Arriflex 435, Zeiss Master Prime, Ultra Prime and Lightweight Zoom Lenses. Panavision Cameras and Lenses. Sony CineAlta HDC-F950, Zeiss DigiZoom Lenses. Sony CineAlta HDW-F900/3, Zeiss DigiZoom Lenses. - Laboratory: Arane, Paris, France. Source format: 35 mm (Kodak Vision2 50D 5201, Vision2 250D 5205, Vision2 100T 5212, Vision2 200T 5217, Vision2 500T 5218, Fuji Super F-64D 8522). Video (HDTV). - Cinematographic process: Digital Intermediate (2K) (master format) - HDCAM SR (1080p/24) (source format), Super 35 (also 3-perf). - Print format: 35 mm (anamorphic) (Kodak Vision 2383), D-Cinema - Aspect ratio: 2.35:1.

Released in Finland by Atlantic Film. DCP 2K with Finnish commentary read by Juhani Rajalin, translation by Håkan Mäkelä, Swedish subtitles by Catharina Kisch. DCP viewed at Kinopalatsi 8, Helsinki, 7 May 2011

There is a sense of wonder in this magnificent documentary about the ocean, in the spirit of Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his successors, realizing that our "Earth" is actually mostly an "Ocean". And the ocean is mostly a secret space which we are busy destroying.

Filmed on the seven seas, visiting all the continents - covered on film and digital - and conveying a sense of the richness of life-forms.

This is a great movie for children, teaching that the diversity of the species is a condition of our existence. Today we are living like there's no tomorrow. It is not too late to save life on earth from destruction, but there is not much time to waste.

(I prefer the singular for "ocean". Even walking by the shore of our little, tame Baltic Sea I am conscious that it is a part of the one global ocean. We cannot be proud, either, what we have done with the Baltic Sea.)

The 2K DCP looks fine. It is clean and sharp, but slightly clinical, unlike life.

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