Thursday, September 01, 2011

Cinema Orion expands to 4K and 3D

During the summer our Cinema Orion has been equipped with D-Cinema. We skipped the 2K transitional equipment and went straight to 4K. It is backwards compatible, and with our 4K NEC projector we can also screen 2K (and digibeta, blu-ray, dvd, etc.). We also installed the 3D equipment (XpanD, the same system that Finnkino uses). Today we did test screenings with Les Contes de la nuit 3D and the Avatar trailer 3D. While we are looking into the future we are also covering our bases. It will take generations until the millions of existing photochemical films have been digitized. 35 mm and 16 mm will be needed for decades. These are turbulent times in the world of moving image technology, and the wise attitude is to get well covered with all options.

Our 3D premiere is on 11 September at 16:00, Les Contes de la nuit (FR 2011) - from the contemporary French master of animation, Michel Ocelot.

Our 4K premiere is on 27 October at 21:00, Taxi Driver (US 1976) - the 2011 Sony restoration of Martin Scorsese's masterpiece.

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