Friday, September 23, 2011

Likainen pommi / A Dirty Bomb

FI © 2011 Juonifilmi. P: Jarkko Hentula. D+SC: Elias Koskimies. DP: Hena Blomberg. Digital intermediate: Post Control Helsinki. PD: Vilja Katramo, Okku Rahikainen, Tytti Tiri. ED: Iikka Hesse. Cast: Malla Malmivaara (Mirccu), Jukka Puotila (Martin Bakka), Ilkka Vili (Roba), Iida Lampela (PD), Niina Herala (Laura Melanie), Jussi Vatanen (Jali). 84 min. Released by FS Film with Swedish subtitles by Markus Karjalainen. 2K DCP viewed at Tennispalatsi 3, Helsinki, 23 Sep 2011 (day of premiere).

From the official production information: "A Dirty Bomb is a foul, provocative, black comedy about the contemporary workplace, success, and celebrity."

"Mirccu has a dream job as the PR coordinator of a record company. When Mirccu's boss, the music mogul Martin Bakka threatens to fire her she is forced to find her own way to success. Together with her football-playing boyfriend Roba who is recovering from an ankle injury Mirccu has to reflect whether the good times are really over, and to what lengths they are willing to go to survive."

"Mirccu's last chance is the record company's new secret project, known under the code name 'A Dirty Bomb'. Revealed behind the code name is the foul teenage sensation PD, sold by her parents to the record company, and under whose service Mirccu is now consigned. In no time Mirccu's reputation, honour, soul, competence - and boyfriend - are for sale."

Perhaps I am fundamentally unable to understand this movie because I have not been watching television for years. I understand that there is a culture of humiliation in its reality shows, and probably this movie is a satire of that kind of mentality.

Later in the evening I heard an interview with the screenwriter-director Elias Koskimies on the radio. He is an experienced television professional. He told that, born in the 1970s, he belongs to a shy and deferential generation. He said that young people born in the 1980s and later are completely different, and the foul character of PD is a satire of them.

I don't have children, but in my work I have the pleasure to meet young people regularly, and my experience is completely different, and basically positive. I know people with narcissistic personality disorders and inflated egos that belong to older generations. I don't perceive it as a generational matter.

The look of the movie is digital.

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