Saturday, April 07, 2012

Iron Sky

FI/DE/AU © 2012 Blind Spot Pictures / 27 Films Production / New Holland Pictures. P: Tero Kaukomaa, Oliver Damian, Cathy Overett, Mark Overett, Samuli Torssonen. D: Timo Vuorensola. SC: Michael Kalesniko, Timo Vuorensola - based on a story by Johanna Sinisalo - concept by Jarmo Puskala. DP: Mika Orasmaa - RED camera. PD: Ulrika von Vegesack. AD: Astrid Poeschke, Jussi Lehtiniemi. Set dec: Sabine Schaaf. Cost: Jake Collier. Makeup: Bliss Macgillicuddy. Visual effects: Energia Productions - and a big team. M: Laibach; motifs from Wagner. S: Heiko Müller. ED: Suresh Ayyar. C: Julia Dietze (Renate Richter, Nazi teacher), Christopher Kirby (James Washington, astronaut and model), Götz Otto (Klaus Adler, Nazi), Peta Sergeant (Vivian Wagner, spin doctor), Stephanie Paul (President of the U.S.A.), Udo Kier (Wolfgang Kortzfleisch, the new Führer), Tilo Prückner (Dr. Richter). 93 min. Original in English and in German. Released in Finland by Buena Vista International Finland with Finnish / Swedish subtitles in Arto Vartiainen / Markus Karjalainen. 2K DCP viewed at Tennispalatsi 1, Helsinki, 7 April 2012 (week of premiere).

Essential to the production was the Iron Sky online community. Iron Sky belongs to a new wave of film productions where good-looking production values are made possible via a participation of a large community.

The plot: The Nazis have set up a secret base on the dark side of the Moon in 1945. Ready for a comeback they now plan to invade the Earth, but a black astronaut stumbles accidentally on their turf.

Crazy satire is a difficult stylistic approach, and I was happy to discover that Timo Vuorensola and his dedicated team have succeeded so well. Because the Nazis are too easy a target, the satire is directed more towards the shallowness of contemporary politics, the media planning of world events, greed in ecological resources, and the vanity of leaders. In a bizarre twist Vivian Wagner the U.S. President's P.R. director is even influenced by Nazi rhetorics.

There are funny visions like the Moon with a big chunk blasted away by the Nazis.

No problem in the 2K DCP presentation.

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