Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yksityisalueella / On Private Ground

FI © 2012 Eero Tammi. P+D+SC+ED+narrator: Eero Tammi. Co-P: ELO Helsinki Film School. DP: Timo Peltonen. S: Jarkko Kela. 29 min. Dvd with English subtitles by Mikko Lyytikäinen, viewed at the summer cottage in Punkaharju, 26 July 2012.

Rough notes: Contemporary footage: Maunu Kurkvaara shooting in 35 mm today - Eero Tammi examines his images at the computer screen while smoking away at a cigarette - Kurkvaara had not shot in 20 years - Maunu Kurkvaara at home on his island - born in Viipuri in 1926 - in the 1940s an artist - in the 1950s an independent film-maker who directed, shot, edited, wrote, produced, did the laboratory work, even acted occasionally - the Finnish New Wave - excerpts from Kurkvaara's movies - Kaupunki / The City (1957) - Café Ekberg, Kurkvaara with Cecil Hagelstam - the paints of the oil painter - Kurkvaara's studio, abstractions, nudes, an early self-portrait (1947), Nuoruus / Youth (1952) - applying at the Academy of Fine Arts - Ei enää eilispäivää (1956) - the visual mentality from painting to the cinema - Rakas... / Darling (1962) - an urban level of thinking - visual composition and rhythm - colour cinematography in Meren juhlat / Feast by the Sea (1965) - I am an urban man - the urban milieu, the changing society - the sea adds another dimension, the contrast to the city, the eternity, the freedom to leave - departure is a recurrent theme in my movies - Tänään olet täällä / Today You Are Here (1966) - the problem of the control society, the Big Brother mentality - Meren juhlat / Feast by the Sea: the painter, cutting one's hand with a knife - modernistic music - stains of blood - the artist aims at the impossible - nothing is ever enough - you never achieve what you want - Menestyksen maku / A Taste of Success (1983) - let's use the natural elements - Yksityisalue / Private Territory (1962) - the funeral of the architect planned - many former colleagues of mine have committed suicide - modernistic images of a woman appearing and disappearing - it took me 50 years to handle my themes, and I never found solutions - after all I'm an optimism, yet I see the limitations of our options - your background is extremely important - the small ivory masterpiece found at a second hand store: there is something bigger than the cinema - Eero Tammi: life is an instrument of art - Maunu Kurkvaara facing the sea on his island.

AA: Eero Tammi is the number one connoisseur of Maunu Kurkvaara, one of the first masters of the Finnish New Wave. Kurkvaara hardly ever appears in public, which makes this movie a priceless record of the artist who is still in great form although he has retired from the movie scene almost 30 years ago. The images and sounds of this movie confirm Kurkvaara's originality as an artist of urban alienation and modernity.

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