Saturday, August 25, 2012

La luna (2011 3D animated short)

US © 2011 Disney / Pixar. EX: John Lasseter. P: Kevin Reher. D+SC: Enrico Casarosa. M: Michael Giacchino. Voice talent: Krista Sheffler (Bambino), Tony Fucile (Papà), Phil Sheridan (Nonno). Digital animation in 3D. 7 min. There is no meaningful dialogue in the movie. Viewed in 2K DCP, 3D XpanD, before Brave at Tennispalatsi 1, Helsinki (weekend of Finnish premiere), 25 August 2012.

Wikipedia synopsis: "A young boy, Bambino, goes on a midnight sailing trip with his father Papà and grandfather Nonno. After they anchor their boat in the middle of the sea, Papà presents Bambino with a cap similar to the ones he and Nonno wear. The two men disagree on how Bambino should wear it, with Papà pulling it low over his eyes and Nonno pushing it back on his head. Papà sets up a long ladder for Bambino to climb so he can set the boat's anchor on the full moon, and the three ascend to start their work of sweeping fallen stars off the lunar surface. Papà urges Bambino to use a pushbroom on the stars, while Nonno favors a besom broom. As they quarrel, a huge star crashes down on the moon; it is far too large for any of them to move by themselves. Turning his cap backwards, the way he wants to wear it, Bambino climbs onto the star and taps it with a hammer. It bursts apart into hundreds of smaller stars, and all three go to work sweeping them up, with Bambino choosing a rake instead of either man's broom. Once the job is done, they climb back down into their boat and look up at the moon, which now displays a glowing crescent phase thanks to their efforts."

A charming animated short about a ladder to the moon, fallen stars, and how the crescent is born. An original fairy-tale with no implications about mankind abusing gold stars and darkening the sky.

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