Saturday, November 17, 2012

Särkisyrjässä 1941 / [The Battle of Särkisyrjä, 1941]

FI ©  2011 Anssi Luoma. P+D+SC+drawings: Anssi Luoma. Cinematography and interviews: Anssi Luoma, Pekka Varismäki, Jussi Pajula. Song: "Elämää juoksuhaudoissa" sung by A. Aimo. S: Mika Koivusalo. ED: Lauri Koivusalo. Narrator: Jukka Tuppurainen. The interviewees in interviews conducted in 1991, 2000, 2001, and 2011: Viljo Rajamäki, Mauno Vehkaoja, Sulo Tanttari, Yrjö Pohtola, Veikko Keski-Heiska, Olavi Maunula, Arvi Koski, Vilho Ranta, Tauno Keltto, Aali Kitinoja, Heikki Hautala, Reino Rintamäki. 51 min. [Dvd?]. Viewed at Matin-Tupa, Ylistaro (Filmiä ja valoa), 17 Nov 2012. 

The programme booklet: "Twelve war veterans from Ylistaro give their accounts of what happened at Särkisyrjä in Ruskeala during the first days of the war campaign that started in June 1941, over 70 years ago. Men from different parts of South Pohjanmaa belonged to the regiment of Colonel Into Salmio, 530 men from Ylistaro only. The mission of the regiment was to cut the road to Sortavala. The battalion led by Major Komonen received its baptism of fire when it attacked through a rye field towards the house of Immonen. The heavy battle is a memorable chapter in the history of Ylistaro". (My translation)

One of the most harrowing experiences of the Ylistaro war veterans is evoked via twelve interviews, photographs, maps, and drawings. The battleground became a field of blood, 132 Finnish soldiers fell, 44 from Ylistaro only; on the other side, 500 Russians fell. "Everybody got nightmares from the horrors". Another tribute to a team spirit, this time to the brotherhood of the fighters.

The movie has already had two high profile screenings in Matin-Tupa before, but also in this screening there was a special profound feeling.

In the cinema lobby photographs of the soldiers that fought in Särkisyrjä were on display.

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