Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Senses of Cinema World Poll 2012 online

There are many "best films of 2012" lists online, all interesting. The largest compilation may be in Senses of Cinema, published on 8 January, 2013.

A long and rambling chain of lists of the best films of the year can be found in Dave Kehr's blog under the headline "Hello, I Must Be Going", launched on 26 December, 2012.

Both sites acknowledge both new films and rediscoveries of classics.

I have copied on my site also
Sight & Sound: The Best of 2012
Academy Awards: Nine foreign film nominees
Village Voice Film Poll 2012
Film Comment: 50 Best Released Films of 2012
Film Comment: 50 Best Undistributed Films of 2012
Cahiers du Cinéma: Le Top Ten 2012

I compiled my own top list originally for Senses of Cinema in early December, covering the films I saw in January-November. I updated it slightly for Dave Kehr's blog, and revised it a bit more in a version of My Best Films of 2012 on my own blog on 1 January 2013.

Finnish lists of the best films of 2012 include:
Kalle Kinnunen: Top Ten
Kalle Kinnunen: Thirteen More
Jutta Sarhimaa: Top Twenty
Jukka Kangasjärvi: The Best of 2012
Sami Pöyry: The Best of 2012
Olli Sulopuisto: The Best of the Finnish Film Bloggers 2012 (15 lists)
Alina Kangasluoma: The Best of 2012
Lauri Ojanen: The Best of 2012 

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