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Tampere Film Festival 2013: Opening Screening

Tullikamari, 6 March 2013.

Hungary | Unkari 2004
Documentary | 6 min | 35 mm
Director: Béla Tarr
Cinematography: Robby Müller
Editor: Ágnes Hranitzky
Music: Mihály Vig
Production: Zentropa, T.T. Filmmühely
Contact: Magyar Filmunió / Marta Benyi, +3613517760,,
    "This film tells us that each human being has a life, that each human being has a face, a critical look and a name that are inalienable - that each human being has dignity. We must try to protect this dignity. Should anyone be deprived of it, we must try to conquer it back for them. This film is about human dignity, it shows humiliated, offended people. It is a film from Hungary." (Béla Tarr).
    AA: Revisited Béla Tarr's powerful entry to Visions of Europe: it is just a shot of people on the bread line. Unforgettable.

Not announced in the catalogue - information from Vimeo
Finland 2013
Pseudo-documentary | 6'47" | File
Leading actors: Topi Niemi, Juha-Matti Halonen, Marianna Lehtonen.
Toivo Tonta - director, script, editing
Sami Mikkonen - camera operator
Aleksandr Dumanskiy - boom operator
Miina Viljanen - sound assistant
A short film / pseudo-documentary about an inhabitant of Hervanta, the biggest suburb of Tampere, Finland.
    AA: A humoristic mythological portrait of a legendary young prophet called Topi. He lives in the immense underground parking-lot with access everywhere in Hervanta the famous suburb with top architecture on the on hand, dreary, sleepy suburbia on the other hand. "Topi is a part of Hervanta." "I make people think". "You have always known what you need to know in life".

France | Ranska 2012
Experimental | 2 min | 2K DCP
Director: Maxime Berthou (Monsieur Moo)
Editor: Maxime Berthou
Production: Le Fresnoy / François Bonenfant
Contact: Le Fresnoy / Natalia Trebik, +33320283864,,, www.panorama14net/167/yolande-panorama-14
    It is said of ships that 'if they have not tasted wine, they'll taste blood!' But why christen ships with champagne when you can do the opposite?
    AA: A visual gag where a champagne bottle is christened with a ship.
Finland | Suomi 1993
Fiction | 16 min | 35 mm
Director: Ilppo Pohjola
Screenplay: Ilppo Pohjola
Cinematography: Arto Kaivanto
Sound: Pekka Karjalainen
Editor: Heikki Salo
Music: Glenn Branca
Production: Crystal Eye Ltd.
Contact: Finnish Film Contact / Arja Aarnio, +35896129720,,
    Ilppo Pohjola's magisterial experimental film is a vision of a transsexual and her transformation from a biological woman into a biological man.
    AA: Revisited Ilppo Pohjola's furious vision about sex change. Rudi as a girl is played daringly by Leea Klemola, topical this week in the release of Kerron sinulle kaiken [I'll Tell You Everything].

The Philippines | Filippiinit 1984
Animation | 6 min | file
Director: Rox Lee
Music: Pink Floyd
Production: Monlee and Roxlee
Contact: Roxlee and Baybayin Production, +6323796186, +6329156037033,
    The animated short Great Smoke deals with the nuclear holocaust with rough drawings and still images about the effects of the nuclear holocaust. In its way Great Smoke is a satire about the great bomb while showing its gruesome outcome. It was shot on Super 8 mm with some black and white drawings and coloured still images.
    AA: A montage agit film with limited animation on nuclear holocaust. Explosive. Never have I heard music by Pink Floyd used more powerfully than here, the track being "One Of These Days" from Meddle (1971).

Sweden | Ruotsi 2011
Fiction | 15 min | 35 mm
Director: Jonas Selberg Augustsén
Screenplay: Jonas Selberg Augustsén
Cinematography: Harry Tuvanen
Sound: Jan Alvermark
Editor: Alberto Herskovits
Production: Bokomotiv Filmproduktion AB, Filmpool Nord / Freddy Olsson
Contact: Swedish Film Institute / Mirja Hildbrand Wester, +4686651136,
    Bogland is a film exploring the consequences of the loneliness and the sense of loss that self-realization and broken bonds between generations can bring about. The film can be seen as a tragedy of something that is lost or as a tribute to the modern myth.
    AA: The movie starts with an image of a painting on the hospital wall, and the music is the majestic, tragic introduction of Kullervo by Jean Sibelius. The movie is image-driven: there are long shots of dusks and dawns in Lapland. There is a Roy Andersson approach, an early-cinema approach of tableaux, long takes and long shots. The images are strong. This is a story of a girl who tries to find a connection to the ancient Sami myths. In the final image / dream the nude girl encounters the spirits of nude Sami men on the bog in the midnight sun.

Aki Kaurismäki: Juice Leskinen & Grand Slam: Bluesia Pieksämäen asemalla (1988/2012): see separate entry.

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